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Looking for the BEST of the BEST upgrades for your blaster? Look no further! the stage 3 EXPERT KIT was designed for a fast rate of fire with a boost of FPS to back up your RPM, Made from some of the best parts available on the market the Expert pack is made for regular players who like to stand out above the rest with a crazy high preforming Blaster. 
Kits are able to be installed on all GEN 8, GEN 9, and  GEN 10 at this stage.

Our STAGE THREE EXPERT KIT includes the following parts: 

  • 1x        Compatible NYLON GEARBOX Upgrade.
  • 1x        Carbon Gear (FB or SHS) Set.
  • 1x        Nylon Tappet Upgrade.
  • 1x        Metal or Nylon Trigger Upgrade.
  • 1x        Green O-Ring Upgrade.
  • 1x        Hardened Return Spring Upgrade.
  • 1x        FB Alloy Inner Barrel Upgrade (7.1mm ID)
  • 1x        Wiring Loom & 10A Switch Upgrade
  • 1x        M100 M110  Spring Upgrade.
  • 1x        Generic Hop Up.
  • 1x        Spring Retainer.
  • 1x        BosLiPo 11.1v Battery Upgrade.
  • 1x        B6 Battery Charger Upgrade (or equivalent.)
  • 1x        Chi Hai Purple / Red or Black Motor Upgrade .
  • 1x        Double O-Ring 15T Plunger Upgrade.
  • 1x        Cylinder Head & Nozzle Upgrade.
  • 1x        Polished Cylinder Upgrade.
  • 1x        SHS Bushing or Bearing Kit Upgrade.
  • 1x        FightingBro Anti-Reverse Latch Kit
  • 1x        Handle Upgrade (Suit 480 Motors)
  • 1x        FightingBro Internal Spring Replacement Kit.
  • 1x        Shim Kit.

**Please note, shims & Grommets will be supplied/installed only where they are required. Shims are used for correcting deficiencies in the Angle of Engagement (AOE). Not all builds will require correction this build can take 2 week to get parts be for build starts. this is subjected to change as for are parts customer will get contacted if needs to know. 

IF your not up to the challenge or patience to build your gearbox have one of our friendly tech team assemble for a low fee of $55.00 per hour.

WE OFFER A 30 DAY WARRANTY on all our products, Please Note these are Children's toys, Heavily Modified, there may be teething issues if your having issues or think your blaster needs a tweak please contact one of our friendly staff today.