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PIGLET - Elite Builds - Command Elite Hobbies

    PIGLET - Elite Builds

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      • The M4 Piglet is for the CQB players or those who like to get up close an personal, with a fire rate fire an with 280+fps its a short barrel so fps is not what this blaster about its rpm, its small but packs a punch lightweight an manoeuvrable to get nice an snug against walls an corners an with the extra short barrel only minimum body parts will be exposed as you peak corners for the serious CQB player.


      • 1x Metal Gearbox
      • 1x 16:1 / 13:1 Gear Set
      • 1x Nylon Tappet Plate
      • 1x  Metal Trigger
      • 1x  FB Anti Reverse Latch
      • 1x Strong Stainless Return Spring Upgrade
      • 1x Alloy Inner Barrel Upgrade (7.1mm 7.3mm ID) 
      • 1x Big Custom Spring                                                                                   
      • 1x Li-Po High-Discharge 11.1v  Battery 
      • 1x B3 Li-Po Balance Charger
      • 1x High speed High Torque Motor
      • 1x Hop-Up To Suit
      • 1x Metal Rack Plunger With Metal Head
      • 1x Metal Cylinder Head & Nozzle (If It Suit Gearbox Build)
      • 1x Polished Cylinder
      • 1x Nylon Spring Retainer
      • 1x Bushing / Bearing Kit
      • 1x Shimmed / AOE / Tested With A Chrono Reading
      • 1x Perun v2 optical Mosfet


        • 1x Nylon Receiver
        • 1x custom Buttstock
        • 1x Metal Buffer Tube
        • 1x Metal Silencer
        • 1x 4" To 6" Inch Short Metal Front Guard
        • 1x Scope Or Iron Sight
        • 1x Metal Mag Realise


          (Please note, image used is for illustration purposes only.)

          *Please note, shims will be supplied/installed only where they are required. Shims are used for correcting deficiencies in the Angle of Engagement (AOE). Not all builds will require correction. Pictures are for illustration only to find parts cant take up to 2 weeks as our blasters are custom made and one of a kind. So parts can change to suit our stock.we have at the shop. If you require certain builds please contact us before we start to build your blaster. All blasters come with 30 days warranty.

          If you want to cancel Mid build you accept that you will either get a Store Credit or a 25% Cancellation fee


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