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Drop In Gearbox - MK Hybrid Custom Gearbox - Command Elite Hobbies

    Drop In Gearbox - MK Hybrid Custom Gearbox

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      The Command Elite Upgraded MK Hybrid Drop in Custom Gearbox is in a League of its own, its a full auto build that drops straight in. It was built in Australia by our very own in house Techs,backed up TUNED AND TESTED And a 30 day warranty you wont be disappointed. 

       Parts Include:

      • 1x Metal MK Hybrid Gearbox 
      • 1x Metal Trigger
      • 1x Metal Cylinder Head
      • 1x SHS or Fighting Bro Carbon Gear Set
      • 1x Orange Tappet Plate
      • 1x Fb / Metal Anti Reverse Latch
      • 1x Nylon Plunger Metal Ladder With Metal Head
      • 1x 100% Cylinder
      • 1x Wiring Kit
      • 1x 480/460 Motor To Suit
      • 1x Tight Bore Barrel + T- Piece To Suit Your Model
      • 1x CEH Custom Upgrade spring
      • 1x Bearing or Bushings
      • 1x Spring Retainer
      • The MK Hybrid Gearbox is Compatible with JM Gen 9, Azrael Titan LBB, Azrael Titan SBB, Azrael MPX and Hawkex MK2. 
      Please note, shims & Grommets will be supplied/installed only where they are required. Shims are used for correcting deficiencies in the Angle of Engagement (AOE). Not all builds will require correction this build can take 2 week to get parts before build starts. this is subjected to change as for are parts customer will get contacted if needs to know. WE OFFER A 30 DAY WARRANTY on all our products, Please Note these are Children's toys, Heavily Modified, there may be teething issues if your having issues or think your blaster/ Gearbox needs a tweak please contact one of our friendly staff today. 

      If you want to cancel Mid build you accept that you will either get a Store Credit or a 25% Cancellation fee