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THE SLEEPER M4-J9 - Elite Builds - Command Elite Hobbies

    THE SLEEPER M4-J9 - Elite Builds

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      The Sleeper J9 is a modified Gen 9 gel blaster, with a fully built gearbox featuring high quality carbon SHS gears, plunger and air upgrades, as well as a Chi Hai long shaft motor upgrade, and more! 

      If you're looking to deliver some shock and awe on the field, this blaster will do the job, without burning a huge hole in your wallet! We've left off the external accessories, leaving it 100% stock on the exterior, and focusing on the internals! 

      Our tech's will install everything for you, leaving you to just load up and hit the field! Watch your opponents scurry from your 'stock' blaster! 

      + SHS Gears & Pinion Upgrade 
      + Tight Bore Barrel and T-Piece
      + SHS Plunger & Air Upgrades
      + Chi Hai Motor Upgrade
      + MORE!


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