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HK Army KLR - Black/Green - Command Elite Hobbies

HK Army KLR - Black/Green

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With the KLR, HK Army is also launching a mask for the first time. This model is not only characterized by high quality and an appealing design, rather it is the versatility of this mask that makes it something special. Almost all parts of the mask system can be replaced or replace. This enables the player to choose from an unprecedented selection of different colors for his mask.

HK Army offers the mask in several basic colors, these can then optionally be provided with other mask glasses, mask straps, frames and earmuffs and upgraded in color. According to HK over 15,000 different color combinations that are possible. The probability that as a player you will meet another player with the same mask is very low with this model. This makes the HK Army KLR paintball mask a real recommendation for style-conscious individualists in paintball sport.

Features of the HK Amry KLR mask:

- pvt.lock system for changing glasses (fast, safe, innovative)

- EVA ear pices (soft earmuffs for optimal protection)

- Specially shaped mouthguard with louvers for optimal ventilation

- Hard-wearing, rubberized mask tape in HK Army design for optimal hold of the mask on the head

- Pure Lens System (8 different glasses available for various weather conditions and areas of application)

- Over 15,000 (fifteen thousand) different color combinations possible

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