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Jeff Tron Mosfet V2 - Command Elite Hobbies

    Jeff Tron Mosfet V2

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      Jefftron Mosfet V2 – Gel Blaster version

      For those trigger happy souls out there who love to shoot full auto this is for you.

      Built into an SHS V2 switch block is a 45 amp mosfet that replaces the standard trigger switch contacts. Through the 16 AWG mil spec low profile wiring and mosfet a significantly increased amount of current can be carried from the battery to the motor which results in a higher RoF and the ability to pull bigger springs.

      Other benefits include:

      • Inline blade fuse to protect the battery in the event of a short circuit.
      • Improved battery life.
      • Reduced heat in the wiring and switch.
      • Supplied with Deans Connector installed.
      • Designed for spring up to M160 (equivalent for current 75A single shot fire or 25A burst fire for max. 30s). For higher load please use Mosfet II (it is outside gearbox)
      • Specified for common batteries up to 17V (Ni-xx 8.4 – 12V, Lipo 7.4 – 14.8V)
      • No current consumption in the idle mode
      • No sparking on switch contacts
      • In auto fire mode piston stops in random position due the mechbox design
      • For right function is necessary to have a functional gearbox cut off lever, selector plate, reverse latch, trigger and trigger block, as it has the standard gearbox
      • Pre wired to suit battery in the stock.

      If you are looking to improve the Semi-auto functionality of your blaster the Jefftron V2 Active Brake is the go.