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Mystery box $500 - Command Elite Hobbies

    Mystery box $500

    Tax included.

      $500 MYSTERY BOX
      10 Mystery boxes up for Grabs.
      The mystery box costs $500 per box.

      When an order comes through, we will video the picking of the box and post on Facebook. Each box will have a number, those numbers are hidden among 10 smaller boxes. CEH Staff will pick a box at random, which will contain the number. The persons order will be the box number which is picked at random.

      Below shows what each box contains. Some of these items include, metal blasters, ak47s, CNC gearboxes and mosfets.

      BOX 1 - Atomic Armoury M4-S Carbine, Atomic Armoury Gladiator Gels, 558 Holographic, Generic Gun sling.
      BOX 2- Atomic Armoury M4 CQB, Atomic Armoury Gladiator Gels, B3 Charger, Battery, Holograph Scope.
      BOX 3 - Push Unite Patriot Mask, Alpha King Ak47, Atomic Armoury Gladiator Gels
      BOX 4 - Base Mask, Kar98K, Blaster Bag, JST Plate Carrier
      BOX 5 - Hopper Fed Glock, Alpha King Ak, Battery, B3 Charger, Gun Bag.
      BOX 6 - M249 V4, STD 1911 Hopper fed, 3 x CEH Gel packs, Plate Carrier, CEH Shirt, Battery
      BOX 7 - MK CNC gearbox, Plate Carrier, Gun Bag, Chronograph
      BOX 8 - Chronograph, Gun Bag, Plate Carrier, Molle, Gloves, G18 Hopper Fed glock
      BOX 9 - Atomic Armoury M4 CQB, Atomic Armoury Gladiator Gels, Tactical Flash light, Plate Carrier.
      BOX 10 - Xcoretech Control System, Perun V3 mosfet, Rifle Scope.


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