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Phantom Gear General Purpose Penetrating Rifle Pistol Lubricant - 60ML - Command Elite Hobbies

    Phantom Gear General Purpose Penetrating Rifle Pistol Lubricant - 60ML

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      Phantom Gear Lubricating Penetrating Oil is designed to give you reliable and long lasting lubrication to protect against wear and tear, rust and corrosion. Extending the lifespan and serviceability of your firearms, fishing reels, tools, outdoor equipment, Gelsoft equipment, and various other products that experience regular use.
      • Lubricate AEG piston to optimize friction with cylinder.
      • Lubricate o-rings to keep them in optimized condition.
      • Lubricate GBB nozzle to optimize friction with housing.
      • Lubricate moving components for smooth operation.
      • Lubricate fishing reels during services.
      • Drop a few drops in bb/magazine to carry out fine dust in the barrel / hopup / magazine system.


      • Designed to penetrate and lubricate providing long lasting lubrication
      • High viscosity formulation makes application easy and prevents running
      • Designed for a variety of applications where long lasting lubrication is required
      • Easy to use applicator
      • Compact bottle easily fits in range bags, tackle boxes and Airsoft kit
      Volume: 60ML
      Material: High viscosity penetrating oil
      Manufacturer: Phantom Gear