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XYL COLT ZP5 REVOLVER - Command Elite Hobbies
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      XYL Python ZP-5 Smith and Weston (20cm) Manual Revolver Gel Ball Blaster Pistol

      • Revolver style
      • ABS and Metal Construction
      • 1:1 Scale
      • Lockable Hammer
      • Shoots gels at approximately 70-90 fps
      • Distance approximately 5-8m
      • Uses 7-8mm gels
      • Rotating Metal cylinder revolver 
      • Please note this toy is manual and there is no need for a battery

      Included in each Box

      • 1 x Brand New XYL ZP-5 Smith and Weston (20cm) Manual Gel Ball Gun
      • 1 x Gel Loader
      • 12 x shells
      • 500 factory Dehydrated Gels

      Operation of this blaster

      • The manual XYL Python ZP-5 Smith and Weston revolver gel blaster needs to be operated in a specific way.
      • Always use 7-8mm gels that have been well hydrated for at least 6 hours, fresh out of water and not too dry.
      • Different brand gels will vary performance of this product.
      • After loading,  the shells in the revolver, use your thumb to cock the hammer.
      • Your ready to fire.
      • This is not a high performance blaster, and it does not shoot gels long distances. 
      • This blaster has a great feel, weight and look making it a favorite with many.


      This Product requires no batteries.

      Gel Balls

      • Soak gel balls for a minimum of 4-6 hours
      • Gel balls may be kept in water for storage
      • Drain excessive water from gel balls before use


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