Talk the talk! - A handy guide to jargon and abbreviations! #7

Talk the talk! - A handy guide to jargon and abbreviations! #7
G'day all! 

Welcome back to the blog - in this edition, I thought I'd cover off some of the abbreviations and jargon used in our sport! One of the common questions I've seen floating about on various forums is a request for an explanation of certain abbreviations, slang terms or other jargon common to skirmishers. For those players who have a background in airsoft, or even in the military some of these may be familiar, and some may be brand new - read on to check out our handy guide! 

Active Braking
This is the act of using the current flowing into an motor in order to stop it from spinning (See over-spin). This is usually a feature in many MOSFETS and is sometimes abbreviated as 'AB'. 

This is the abbreviation for 'Automatic Electric Gun', and typically is used to refer to an airsoft gun that is powered by a battery, motor and gears. This is the primary type of gel blaster or airsoft gun you will find at games or on the field. 

Angle of Engagement refers to the angle of which the first tooth on your sector gear engages with the first tooth of the piston. If this angle is not correct, it can place further unnecessary strain on your piston, causing it to fail. 

The Anti-Reverse Latch is a spring loaded latch, which engages with the bevel gear, and stops your gears and motor travelling in the opposite direction when stopped under load. 

Originally, this term referred to ball bearings, however is synonymous with both the plastic bb's used in airsoft and to a lesser extent gel blaster ammunition. With that said, this term is not commonly used by gel ballers, and is more of an airsoft specific term. 

This term refers to the act of a gel blaster or airsoft guns 'bolt' cycling when being fired. This feature simulates a very light 'recoil' feeling to the gun, and looks dang cool! :) 

This is a type of battery connector, it is widely considered to be the best to use, as it offers the best compromise between size and circuit resistance. 

This term is used a lot, and stands for 'Designated Marksmen Rifle' and is typically used to refer to a accurate, semi-automatic long range rifle. 

The simplest type of 'blow back' available, 'Electric Blow Back' is a recoil system usually created by a small weight or spring attached to the piston and/or bolt slide. It is not a 'true' blow back system however. 

Similar to AEG, this term is one we have adopted for our gel blasters, and stands for 'Electric Gel Blaster'. It specifically refers to a automatic electric blaster, powered by a battery, motor and gears. 

Eyepro refers to eye protection. It's is VITAL that you wear good quality eye protection when playing any skirmish sport. 

Feet Per Second, refers to the raw speed at which the bb or gel ball leaves the barrel. It is equivalent to 'muzzle velocity'. 

Gas Blow Back, is a general term for any replica gun that uses gas to fire and simulate recoil by actuating the bolt. This term is typically used to refer to pistols with a moving slide.) 

Gas Blow Back Rifles, refers to a rifle, powered by gas, which also uses gas to move it's bolt, simulating recoil. 

High Capacity, HiCapa, HiCap etc all refer to the most common type of magazine, typically these will hold upwards of 300 rounds (for rifles) and are standard issue with most airsoft guns or gel blasters you buy. While more ammo may be an incentive, many airsofters eventually move away from high capacity magazines, as they have a tendency to rattle when being moved around. 

Hop ups are an internal part of many airsoft guns, however they are typically used as a barrel attachment for gel blasters. A hop up imparts an adjustable amount ofg back spin to the round being fired. This back spin gives your BB lift (via The Magnus Effect), which thus increases it's range. 

High Pressure Air is a type of 'gas' used in airsoft or gelsoft. It is often used in GBBR or Polarstar fitted guns. It requires a paintball style airtank and a remote air line. These systems are typically quieter than a normal gun, but do cost significantly more, with a decent system often running over $2500.00 

Lithium Polymer is a type of battery, they're less common than other types of batteries as they are more volatile and can be harder to charge and maintain. While it is true they do require special care, these batteries offer higher discharge rates and small sizes. 

As per the HiCap, these refer to varying capacities of magazine used in your air or gelsoft guns. Low Caps are occasionally referred to as 'Real Caps' in the airsoft world, as they carry a realistic ammo load. Low cap mags typically hold approximately 30-40 rounds only. Mid's may hold between 100- 200. 

A MOSFET is a small electrical component that can be fitted to an AEG or EGB. It's primary function is to protect your trigger contacts from arcing. It does this by directing the current directly from your battery to the motor when the trigger is pulled. Due to the ability to control the trigger, they often have secondary functions, such as programmable fire modes, and Li-PO protections. 

Sometimes also listed as NiCad, is an abbeviation for Nickel-Cadmium, and is a type of battery that can be used in airsoft and gel blaster guns. 

This is an abbeviation for Nickel-Metal Hydride, and is a type of battery that can be used in airsoft and gel blaster guns. 

Where the residual energy left in an AEG motor continues to turn the gears and piston for a short time after you release the trigger, this results in the piston and spring being left in a compressed state. 

P* / PStar / Polar
Polarstar is one of the major names in HPA, and were one of the first manufacturers in airsoft to create a system that directly replaces an AEG's gearbox. This converts the replica from battery to HPA power. 

Rate of Fire refers to the number of rounds a replica fires within a set period of time. This is usually measured in rounds per second, (RPS) but can be measured in Rounds per Minute (RPM)

Rounds Per Second, is a measure of your replica guns rate of fire. 

This abbreviation has two similar yet different definitions in use within our sport. It may refer to Rounds Per Minute, a measure of your guns rate of fire, or may also refer to Revolutions Per Minute, when describing the speed or 'power' of a motor. 

A small ring of metal, that removes space between the bearings/bushing and the gears, preventing them from moving along the axle axis. This ensures your gears are engaging with each other optimally, improving durability and performance. 

This is the most common battery connector used in airsoft, and is becoming increasingly common with new models of gel blasters. These come in both large or small variatns, however it is often swapped out for Deans connectors as they offer less resistance in a similar size. 

This is a shape/type of airsoft gearbox. It is the most common AEG gearbox design, and is common used in M4/M16 style rifles, as well as some of the newer smg models appearing on our market. The motor is held in place inside the rifles pistol grip. 

Sometimes called V2 Extended, this is another type of AEG gearbox. This design is based on the V2 design, but has a longer cylinder and piston assembly. This provides greater air volume, and is typically use with longer barrel variants. 

Another airsoft gearbox type used in AEG, this version is known as the 'Gen 8' style in gel blasters. It is the second most commonly used design. It's motor is held inside a motor cage that is bolted to the gearbox shell. 

This is a rare gearbox similar to the V3, but featuring a motor that is turned '90 degree's from the rear of the gearbox. This is occasionally known as an 'in line Gen 8' amongst gel ballers, and can be found in blasters such as the M14 and P90's. 

I'm hoping to add to this list over time, so if you see a term or abbreviation that is not included here please let us know in the comments below! 

Stay safe! See you on the field! 


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  • Hey thanks man as a person interested in getting into Gel balling in AU this was very helpful. Came to learn what a hop up was, learnt a bunch more.

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