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MINI-HOLO SIGHT - Command Elite Hobbies


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      Materials – This Model from Ade Advanced Optics was constructed in durable housing that can withstand heavy recoil as well as water and moisture from your blaster. It’s ideal for pistols, but it can also be easily mounted onto rifles and shotguns. It enhances your accuracy on a handgun, or it can act as a sidekick with a riflescope. The unique design helps maintain your peripheral vision and depth perception. The lenses are precision ground and polished to exactness, which almost entirely eliminates parallax and provides a clear and crisp sight picture. The amber tint on the lens allows you to use the red reticle without glare, but there are also five illumination settings to choose from.

      Performance – This option from Ade Advanced Optics is still in our “affordable” category. It comes at a decent cost, but unlike the CVLIFE selection, you get the addition of the amber lens. This is very helpful if you’re going to use your sight during the daylight, since the reticle is red. It will reduce glare from sunlight and keep your red dot reticle crisp. The body of this sight is also lighter and shorter than the previous option, but not by much. It installs just as easily, and it should fit any handgun with a top Picatinny or Weaver rail. You also don’t have to remove the sight from the base to replace the battery. If you don’t prefer the green reticle, or the option to choose from multiple styles, you’re taking a step up in quality with this choice.