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EOTECH 551 HOLOGRAPHIC SIGHT - Command Elite Hobbies
EOTECH 551 HOLOGRAPHIC SIGHT - Command Elite Hobbies


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      The L-3 EoTech 551.A65/1 sight is a night vision compatible holographic daytime weapon sight. Eotech sights deliver extremely fast and surgically precise sight acquisition, without compromising your 'heads-up' peripheral vision. The 551 is a smaller version of the 552 HWS; its space-saving form-factor allows greater freedom in mounting rear sights and night vision mounts.

      The versatility of this sight is remarkable, as it can be used in conjunction with a night vision monocular. This combo effectively produces an accurate and versatile night vision riflescope. A special night vision setting allows the operator to immediately drop the brightness intensity of the holographic reticle to eliminate any "halo" effect and saturation of the night vision device. When the appropriate rail extension and quick release mechanisms are employed, this combination allows your weapon to go from broad daylight to no-light environments quickly, easily, and without losing zero.

      This is an extremely durable and reliable weapon sight. It is submersible to 33', and repeatable within 1 MOA after remounting. The window material is a 3/16" thick shatterproof laminate with anti-glare and scratch resistant coatings, and the housing features a non-reflective black hard coat finish. The 551 is configured to run for 200 hours on two "N" type batteries.

      Engineered for small to medium caliber weapon platforms, the 551 is an excellent choice for use in CQC or urban battle environments. Because it is also accurate for longer range sighting, it should be noted that the holographic technology leaves no muzzle-side optical signature. Whatever your tactical needs are, you can rely on the EoTech 551.


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