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FMS 1:24 FCX24 Power Wagon Ready to Run 4WD

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FMS FMS12401GY 1/24 FCX24 Power Wagon RC Rock Crawler Yellow

The World's First 1/24 Climbing Rock Crawler with Two-speed Transmission

FCX24 meticulously designed by FMS team will redefine the small scale climbing rc car. As the first product of the FCX24 series, the car body is the POWER WAGON in 1949, which appeared in the form of a mud off-road truck. It is positioned as a high-performance crawler chassis. The carframe is made of high-strength nylon. Compared with the trapezoidal beam spliced by metal side beams and plastic trusses, the overall weight is lighter and the strength is higher. The mid-mounted power assembly has a low center of gravity and integrates the 2-speed transmission, transfer case and 130 motor. The power is transmitted to the front and rear axles through the universal joint drive shaft. The axles are equipped with wheel side reducers, commonly known as "portal axle", which can increase the ground clearance of the differential tooth pack and improve the passability.


  • Ready To Run Model
  • Two Speed Transmission
  • Port Alaxle, High Ground Clearance For Climb
  • 24 Ballbearings Full Set
  • Metal Gears Steering Servo
  • Four Link Suspension
  • High Strength Integrated Nylon Frame


  • Transmitter
  • Electronic Speed Controller(3-In-1)
  • Receiver(3-In-1)
  • Led Light Control(3-In-1)
  • Steering Servo
  • Shift Servo Battery Pack
  • Battery Charger
  • Battery For Transmitter(Not Included)

Power Wagon FCX24

FMS create world's first 1/24 RC Mini Crawler features 2-speed gearbox

Two-Speed Transmission Leaves Rivals In The Dust

FMS has created the world's first 1/24th scale RC Crawler featuring a 2-speed gearbox. The torque output in Low speed is strong and great for extreme climbing and a high speed of Max. 8 mph allows you get to the rocks quicker and experience the fun sooner.

Portal Axle

The axles are equipped with portal axles, which increase the ground clearance of the differential and reduce the gear ratio for increased performance.

Metal Gears Steering Servo

Durable waterproof metal gear steering servo allows you to control the accuracy of steering.

24 Ball Bearings Pre-Installed

FCX24 is pre-installed with 24 ball bearings, providing higher performance, longer lifespan and reduced power loss resulting in longer run times.

4-Link Suspension

The front and rear of the FCX24 is equipped with a compact 4-Link, improving the stability and articulation required for extreme rock crawling.

Light And Strong

The FCX24’s integrally formed frame is made of high-strength nylon rather than metal and plastic, allowing for a lower center of gravity, lighter weight and higher strength than traditional models.

Metal CVD Universal Joint

The metal CVD universal joint combined with a strong transmission shaft creates a durable drive-line capable of challenging rock crawling and ensuring durability across all elements and terrains.

Remote Control Lighting System

Intelligent lighting control module, allows the headlights to switch between hi and lo beam making it possible to light up the trail day or night.

Removable Hard Body

The FCX24’s hard plastic body can be separated from the frame with just the squeeze of a couple of clips, making it easy to maintain, make technical adjustments, install performance upgrades and clean.

Original Personalized Stickers

Style your own power wagon with our personalized sticker options.

High Traction Tires

Made of a soft grippy rubber combined with an aggressive tread pattern, the Power Wagon’s all-terrain tires have tremendous grip on rocks, mud and sand. The red paint and detailed sidewall provide a realistic and customizable look

130 Brushed Motor

Hold on to your hats! The Power Wagon is a blast to drive on the open road thanks to its high torque 130 brushed motor it’s also a beast on the rocks