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Perun AB - Command Elite Hobbies

Perun AB

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Perun AB



  • Ultra compact mosfet
  • Active braking function helps prevent wear on the main spring and double shots
  • Excellent for high rate of fire/high power tunes
  • LiPo battery protection

Perun AB is one of the most durable systems of this type on the market, while maintaining small dimensions. In addition to the Active Brake (AB) function, which prevents wear of the main spring and double shots, it also has a Li-Po battery protection mode. Both functions can be switched on or off as required using the button on the housing. Because Perun AB is controlled by a microcontroller, it is completely immune to the so-called contact vibrations that may cause damage to systems based on other solutions.

We do not give maximum parameters of replicas in which Perun AB can be used, because it works without any problem even in the most powerful configurations, both in terms of rate of fire and outlet energy.

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