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Tienly 35k Motor Long - Command Elite Hobbies

    Tienly 35k Motor Long

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      Tienly GT motors are handmade in Taiwan by a small friendly company that are very excited about the Gel Blaster market.

      Our extensive testing of every motor available worldwide uncovered Tienly motors as being the best readily available power source for Gel Blaster mechboxes.

      GT motors are designed and rated for 12 volt use and not 7-9 volt like most others. With their unique globally paintented cooling system this makes them most suited to the rigorous demands of a Gel Blaster.

      If 11.1 volt high discharge LiPo’s on full auto with heavy springs is your thing then Tienly motors will compliment your build and perform reliably long after others have failed.

      The RPM rating given is based on a 12 volt system powering a standard gear ratio mechbox with an M120 spring. reduce the spring size and they run even cooler with higher duty cycles.

      Lower than average start up currents reduce heat build up, extends overall service life of the motor and your batteries and is crucial to those who favor shooting with semi auto.

      High quality sealed bearings extend service life and bell cap/brush sets are available for when your brushes have reached their service limit. These motors are serviceable and not a throw away item so your investment will continue to serve you well long into the future.

      With a range of speeds available from 25,000 RPM to 45,000 RPM in 5,000 RPM increments Tienly has you covered for a myriad of build configurations making them a must have for the most discerning of tuners.

      It is our recommendation that to increase the Rate of Fire in a build you should increase the motor speed before changing the gear ratio. This is the most efficient method to achieve higher RoF and minimize heat build up in the system.

      Tienly motors perform best when connected to a quality switch and wiring system capable of delivering the power from the battery such as our Jefftron electronic switching devices.

      No components are without their limits and if you follow the guide below you will be working within safe parameters to ensure successful results. Information is based on a quality build in a metal mechbox with quality metal gears and components. Do not install these motors with nylon gear sets.

      STD ratio gear sets 18:1 with main spring up to M120 use 25k – 45k

      Torque plus gear sets with main spring up to M120 use 25k – 45k

      Torque plus gear sets with main spring over M120 use 25k – 35k

      High speed gear sets with main spring up to M120 use 25k – 30k

      High speed gear sets with main spring over M120 – do not use.

      This information is provided as a guideline only and we recommend that installation is performed by experienced individuals only. These are a high performance product and very powerful. Improper installation will cause damage or premature wear and is not covered by warranty.