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The Gladiatair range by Command Elite Hobbies has a wide range of Tanks and regulators for both new players wanting to begin their gel blaster journey to professionals wanting to better their performance. All tanks are also Workcover and UN approved for Australia and New Zealand. Getting the tanks hydro-tested every five years and looking after it, will ensure you never need to replace the tank.

Command Elite Hobbies has a wide range of aluminium tanks, carbon fibre air tanks, and regulators to suit all players. Aluminium tanks are cheaper and smaller however tend to be heavier, therefore these tanks are best suited for new players. The carbon fibre air tanks are made with lightweight, durable carbon fibre that holds more pressurised air. This provides a faster firing speed, making these tanks optimal for more professional players. 

Command Elite Hobbies supplies a range of high quality Gladiatair tank sizes,  from 48ci to 88ci to cater for all play styles.

Shop our Gladiatair High Pressure Air range now and receive free shipping Australia wide for orders over $100.

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