Double Bell M18 Lever Action Gel Blaster

Double Bell M18 Lever Action Gel Blaster

The brand new Double Bell M18 Lever Action Gel Blaster has hit Australian shores. 

The Shell ejecting Lever action rifle from Double Bell is in an element of its own; boasting a metal receiver as well as metal externals, they feel sturdy and durable in the hand while allowing you to put some oomph into cocking the rifle.

Something different with these lever action rifles is the difference in FPS over other available models. The average FPS in these gel blasters is 320-330 FPS. This is because its using a 7.5mm inner barrel giving the gel a tighter fit.

Loading the co2 into the buttstock is very straight foward. The M18 gel blaster takes two 12g c02 cartriges. Removing the buttstock at the rear of the blaster gives you access to inserting the co2 cartridges. Unscrew the piercer with a 6mm allan key. Insert the first Co2 with the exit point side of the cartridge facing down. Install the second cartridge the opposite way - with the exiting pierced part of the cartridge facing up. Screw the piercer back on with allan key and your ready to use your M18 gel blaster.

Double Bells M18 Gel Blaster comes with a 10 round shell capacity. To load the gels its very similar to the Atomic Armoury Revolver range of gel blasters. Simply take your hardened gel (we recommend Atomic Armoury Gladiator hardened gels), and push fit the gel into the top of the shell. Once you have loaded the gel into the shell, slide the shell into the side port on the gel blaster. The M18 takes 10 shells. We also have spare shells available at all store locations. 

Being lever action, this gel blaster brings some serious nostalgia. Once the 10 shells are loaded into the internal magazine, simply clock the lever action in a downard motion and return back to its firing position. The m18 is now ready to fire! Use the metal ironsights to line up the target and pull the trigger.

In a firm motion now pull the lever back down, this will open the top, and push the now fired shell out, pulling the lever back in will close the top chamber and allow the next shell to be loaded into position ready to fire.

Some other awesome features to note is the metal sling attachment, the spare O'ring that comes in the box and  the removable orange tip. Double Bell have done a great job on these exclusive models of M18 lever action rifles available at Command Elite Hobbies.

With high Co2 FPS power, working shell ejection and lever action; this is the gel blaster to own.


Check out the video below giving you Chrono readings and a break down on how to load and use the Double Bell M18 gel blaster.



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