Gas Powered Gel Blasters 101 #4

Gas Powered Gel Blasters 101 #4

Hey guys, 

With all the new goodies coming onto the market, I thought it'd be a good time to go over a couple of pointers, particularly for those customers who are looking into buying, or have just purchased their first gas powered gel blaster! 

If you've had some exposure to airsoft, then this will be more or less basics for you, but hopefully the refresher helps to reinforce some good habits at least! 


1. First, remove the magazine from the blaster, via the magazine release. Never fill your blaster with the magazine in it. 
2. Hold your gas canister upside down, and give it a quick shake 3-4 shakes it perfect. 
3. Next, fill your magazine, by holding it upside down. Making sure that you align the canister and the inlet nozzle in as near to vertical position as you can get it. Do not let the canister tilt or try to fill on an angle. 
4. Make sure there is a good seal and fill the magazine by pressing down with the gas canister. Try not to exert force from the bottom/magazine end. Hold it steady, but avoid unnecessary pressure - it's a good way to slip and damage the inlet valve. 
5. Keep the canister depressed for a few seconds. The filling time for mags varies, but for most gas pistols the time should be about 3-4 seconds. Some of the lower pressure air duster cans, may take a little longer. As a good rule, double the time for air duster cans, but do not exceed 7-8 seconds total. 
6. Now that the gas is loaded, you can load ammunition. Slide down the follower and insert as normal. 
7. Reinsert your magazine, cock or pull back the slide if it is a blow-back pistol, and you're all set to fire! 

1. If you fill the mag, and gas begins spilling, STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING. Let the magazine warm up to room temperature if it's cold. This does make a difference! 
2. If you need to discharge gas from your magazine, DO NOT REMOVE THE MAG AND DEPRESS THE BIG METAL BUTTON AT THE TOP-REAR!. Doing so will prematurely wear out seals and can cause the O-rings to freeze, damaging them permanently. Fire the pistol until it is out of gas. This is the safe way to discharge your pistol. 

Warm weather use will have best results. Using a gas pistol during colder weather isn't advised, it won't cycle completely, may not fire well and it will definitely use more gas than normal. Rapid fire can also cause it to freeze up, causing damage to the blaster. 

Keep your slide and other moving parts lubed with SILICONE oil. Do not use anything else such as petroleum-based lubricants. ONLY 100% pure silicone oil is required. Other lubricants are not safe for use on plastic and rubber parts. Do not use WD-40 or other petroleum-based lubricants as will damage the guns permanently. 

Be sure to also spray silicone oil into the top nozzle of the magazine every 5-6 magazines uses. This is done by pressing the top release valve on the mag while putting a quick spray of silicone into the top rubber exhaust valve.


Storing your gas magazines – after use leave or insert a small amount of the appropriate gas, enough for 2 – 3 shots - don't over fill. Likewise, do not keep them in storage while fully charged or completely empty. This will allow the O-Rings of the magazine to remain properly lubricated while in storage. Got it? Good. 

Finally, don't store your gas canisters above room temperature, and for pete's sake, keep them away from direct sunlight. Gas expands in heat. Direct sunlight and extreme heat (like leaving them in your car...) can result in the can expanding and in some cases, will rupture and explode. Don't be that guy, or girl. 

Taking care of your gear, and your gas products will make sure you get the best performance, and experience from your purchase. As always, STOP AND THINK when you use your toy product. 

Thanks for reading the blog, and I hope you're all staying safe and well during this COVID crisis.

See you on the field! 

- Grant/Thuri


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  • I must have missed the movie can you please tell me when my will come in

    Lewis on
  • Guys I am very interested in the Beretta M92A1 but the metal slide version ,any idea when you will have this in stock ,Cheers Dave

    David White on
  • I purchased one back in the first few days of may, I’m hoping it is shipped soon I cannot wait

    Mark Spooner on
  • Any pointers on co2?

    Scott on
  • Awesome walk-through man! I’d say lubing should be step one out of the box, and we finally have an advantage to living in a generally hot as balls country haha! <3

    Danny G on

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