Australian Speedball League #11

Australian Speedball League #11

Hey Guys, This is our first blog post regarding the Australian Speedball League, we have been really busy behind the scenes preparing some upcoming improvements for the next round.

We were fortunate enough to get lots of feedback on our last event, this has been a great help in giving us a road map for improvements for the ongoing season. Thank you very much for your feedback without your help this tournament wouldn’t be what it is today. We are also encouraging people to give us more technical information and feedback to continue growing this wonderful sport.

When we first took on the project of building the competition, we were unaware of how a traditional double elimination was tallied in terms of placement for the day. We chose a system that seemed the fairest at the time. Since then, we have consulted with people who are experts in tournament structure and it has come to our attention that there is a fairer structure to judge placements for the day.

This structure was brought up with team captains and was voted on with a unanimous vote to change the structure of the tournament.

Due to having 2 new teams join the roster in the 2nd round we also needed to address the fact that the points we awarded for placement also needed to be changed.

A suggestion came to us from one of the captains of one of the teams on the roster that we should score 1st with 25 points and cascade the points down from there. For example, 2nd place receives 24 points and 3rd place receives 23 points and so on. If there are more than 25 teams on the roster for the day the teams that place 26 and lower wouldn’t receive any season points.

Moving forward it was decided by unanimous vote that we should also change the placings for Round 1 and Round 2 of the competition. Which ultimately changed the season ladder.

Below are the revised placements for Round 1 and Round 2 along with the new revised season ladder as it stands after Round 2.

Our team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes with Rapid Vantage, Gel City and Command Elite Hobbies officials and referees to implement a few changes to the upcoming tournament in March. These revisions have been made to benefit fairness and improve gameplay.

At this point we are stepping away from traditional Speedqb rules as we have a great opportunity to create our own tournament that is specific to Gel Ball and the local community here in Brisbane.

Below is the revised rule book for Gel City Speedball League 



We are hoping that round 3 will be an amazing event and we can’t wait to unveil some more exciting changes in the near future. We are wishing all competing teams the best of luck as the competition heats up. It’s going to be a tight contest to get to the finals, all teams are performing insanely well and it is a pleasure to watch.

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