What to know about HPA converting your GBB Pistol #9

HPA conversion

I would like to discuss the difference between Co2 and Green Gas blow back pistols when it comes to HPA conversions.

To start off we need to know the pressures of Green Gas, Co2 as well as HPA.

-Co2 has an average pressure of 850 PSI at normal room temperature.

-Green Gas has an average pressure of 130 PSI at normal room temperature.

-HPA bottles with the high-pressure regulator averages 800 PSI at normal room temperature.

-HPA bottles with a high- and low-pressure regulator can be tuned between 60 - 200PSI at normal room temperature.

 Now that we know the PSI of each gas/air, we are able to distinguish what products are required to safely and properly install HPA to our GBB pistol.

A Co2 powered gbb pistol (CO2 Atomic Armoury 1911) does not require a low pressure regulator. This is because the pistol/magazine has been designed to run at 850PSI, which is the rough equivalent PSI a HPA bottle will output with a high pressure regulator.

A Green Gas-powered gbb pistol (Green Gas magazine version Atomic Armoury g17) will require a low-pressure regulator. This is because the pistol/magazine has been designed around 130 PSI. The low-pressure regulator, such as the wolverine storm regulator, is designed to regulate the 800 PSI leaving the HPA bottle down to 60-200 PSI.

It is imperative that you run a low-pressure regulator if you are planning to HPA your green gas gbb pistol. Failure in doing so can result in injury as well as destroying the gbb.


 GBB type PSI Requirement
Co2 powered 850 PSI High Pressure regulator, HPA Bottle, Line.
Green Gas powered 130 PSI High + Low Pressure regulators, HPA Bottle, Line.


 Below are the links to the products required for either Green Gas or Co2 Power GBB HPA conversions. Being High pressure air, caution is required on installation, we recommend booking in with a CEH Technician.

Green Gas to HPA Conversion Links:

Regulator - https://www.commandelitehobbies.com/collections/hpa/products/wolverine-storm-on-tank-high-pressure-regulator-line

HPA Bottle - https://www.commandelitehobbies.com/search?type=product&q=gladiatair


Co2 to HPA conversion product links:

Co2 conversion for Open co2 Magazine -https://www.commandelitehobbies.com/collections/hpa/products/advanced-novelty-tech-original-co2-hpa-conversion-kit

Co2 to HPA Coiled line and fitting for enclose Magazine-https://www.commandelitehobbies.com/collections/green-gas/products/hpa-line-with-coiled-hose?_pos=1&_sid=a3a06451c&_ss=r

HPA Bottles - https://www.commandelitehobbies.com/search?type=product&q=gladiatair


If you would like to HPA your GBB gel blaster pistol, pleaes dont hesitate to contact us via our Facebook page, or email; admin@commandelitehobbies.com


Happy Blasting

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  • hello I have a 911 tactical pistol is it true I can use green gas or co2 ..just different mags

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