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Army Armament Range

The Army Armament range is setting new standards for quality in the industry. These high-quality gel blasters have an average firing speed of over 240 FPS to help supercharge your gameplay. The impressive firing speed and durability of the design helps minimise downtime to get you right into the action. 

The Army Armament range is powered by green gas magazines which help improve the long term durability of your gel blaster.  These gel blasters are equipped with fibre optics and rail mounts that help improve your accuracy in both daylight and low-light environments.

At Command Elite Hobbies we offer a variety of Army Armament gel blaster pistols that are suited to both beginners and seasoned professionals. The Army Armament gel blasters are all equipped with green gas magazines, fibre optic sights, rail mounts, and adjustable metal triggers to create a smooth gameplay for you and minimise downtime. 

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